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Clean Energy

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MWE offers construction services for major renewable energy products like solar farms, wind farms, and EV charging stations. We know that the future is increasingly green, and we’re facilitating that trend by connecting you and your business to the right company in the renewable energy marketplace.


Solar Farm


Midwestern Electric has all the necessary equipment and resources to complete the electrical installation of your commercial solar projects. We are your turnkey contractor.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Licensed electricians
  • AC electrical work
  • AC switch gear
  • DC electrical work
  • Battery back up
  • Installation of monitoring equipment
  • Inverters & Optimizers
  • Interconnection (low voltage and medium voltage)
  • Module installation
  • PV modules
  • Racking
  • Safety signage
  • Set medium voltage transformer
  • Utility grid connection
  • Install GOAB
Solar power plant

Wind Installations


Midwestern Electric has the knowledge, equipment, and team to construct any size or type of tower or wind turbine. Whether it is the installation of a monopole, wind turbine, guyed tower, or self-supporting tower, each project is completed by trained, safety-oriented, and skilled professionals. We have a diverse background when it comes to tower and wind turbine installations.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Guyed tower
  • Self-supporting tower
  • Tower
  • Broadcast and cable TV
  • Cellular tower
  • Wind turbine
  • Wind energy
  • Meteorological
  • Steel lattice tower
MWE_Services_Wind Installations

Vehicle Charging


If you are planning on or already have an electric vehicle, Midwestern Electric has the knowledge, equipment, and team for EV installation.

Our licensed electricians are experienced in installing EV Charging Stations for residential and commercial projects for all brands of electric vehicles.

MWE can also assist with the purchase of a complete solar energy system for your residence or commercial needs.

MWE is also a preferred, certified, and trained EV installer.

Electro charging station